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Dr. Glen Barry is an internationally recognized environmental advocate, scientist, writer and technology expert. He is well-known within the environmental community as a leading global ecological visionary, public intellectual, and environmental policy critic.

Dr. Barry is the President and Founder of EcoInternet (EI). His work there - as the creator and manager of Earth's largest biocentric ecological advocacy web portals - was recently recognized as one of "25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World" by the Utne Reader. They described him as an "Eco-Rabble Rouser" and stated that as "an early political blogger, Barry has built a massive network for ecological change. His 'global grassroots advocacy' adds muscle to local environmental fights all over the planet, and when mainstream green groups fall short, he speaks up."

EcoInternet specializes in the construction of environmental portals with unique information retrieval tools and original ecological analysis. EI's deep ecology web sites (Climate Ark, Forests.org, EcoEarth.Info, Water Conserve, Forests.org) are widely recognized as premier biocentric environmental news, information and analysis web sites, and enjoy wide use from around the world. EI also anchors major Facebook and Twitter networks committed to global ecological sustainability, including providing unprecedented ecological newsfeeds. As EI's President, Dr. Barry carries out a range of duties including ecological research, campaign strategizing, computer programming and NGO management. Dr. Barry also works as a DBA, IT and environmental consultant.

Dr. Barry continues his academic research as an independent political ecologist, and computer specialist and technology researcher, for purposes of ecological data management and communications. His tireless, over two-decade research into the use of the Internet to address global ecological change has been described as providing "the global ecological conscience" necessary to pursue and achieve global ecological sustainability. He has specialized for years in the use of the Internet to facilitate environmental conservation, where his many innovations include inventing the first blog (for which he is deeply sorry ;-). His "Forest Protection Blog" has been continuously on the web since Jan. 1995, and his full online environmental writings can be found at the Earth Blog.

Dr. Barry holds a Ph.D. in "Land Resources" from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Masters of Science in "Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development" also from Madison, and a Bachelor of Arts in "Political Science" from Marquette University. He is a political ecologist scientist with expert proficiencies in old forest protection, climate change, and environmental sustainability policy and ecology. His work is committed to communicating the severity of global ecological crises - and related justice, rights and equity issues - while actively proposing, advocating, and organizing with others sufficient solutions to achieve global ecological sustainability.

His research has been into use of the Internet to facilitate conservation outcomes, where his scholarly insights have been repeatedly tested through years of observation of actual Internet campaigns he has organized on behalf of Earth, all life, and the human family. As an independent ecological scientist deeply committed to environmental sustainability, his rainforest conservation, climate protection and Internet campaigning have been supported by the MacArthur Foundation, Google Grants and many others. He has worked within academia, multi-lateral organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Dr. Barry is married, with a love for golden retrievers. He lives in rural Wisconsin where he practices green living. He enjoys walking, reading, tree planting, gardening, traveling and movies. There he often personally speaks up and writes on others issues - particularly civil liberties, freedom and liberty, human rights, and prevention of childhood sexual abuse.

Dr. Barry frequently speaks publicly - with lectures and public speaking events - and provides interviews to the media on global environmental issues, drawing upon his encyclopedic knowledge of global environmental policy and events developed from daily tracking news and science for over 20 years. He has been featured recently in interviews by sources as diverse as the Times of India, LA Times, BBC, Iranian Press TV, Voice of America and many local radio programs. Please contact Dr. Barry for interviews and public speaking events regarding forest, climate, water and environmental conservation and sustainability.