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Enviro-Celebs Big Fuel Fiends

Source:  Copyright 2008, New York Post
Date:  May 10, 2008
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THE world's top celebrities are total hypocrites when it comes to saving the environment and stopping global warming .

Writing in Britain's Daily Mail, former Page Sixer Tom Sykes details the fuel-guzzling ways of boldfaces who profess great concern for the earth, air and oceans.

Madonna's carbon footprint for 2006 was estimated at 1,018 tons - more than 100 times that of the average British resident. For New Year's Eve, Madge, her family and five pals flew to India on a private jet. Her rep didn't get back to us.

Barbra Streisand had a contract specifying she get "120 bath-sized towels" for her tour of England and Ireland last year. She also used a 1,353-foot semi-tractor trailer, four vans, 14 buses and a limo, and flew a private jet from Manchester to London. Her rep, Ken Sunshine, dismissed the towels requirement as "bull," but said he didn't know about the transportation.

Leonardo DiCaprio flew his family from Paris to Rome on a private jet in 2006. He declined a journalist's challenge that he never fly private again. Sunshine, who also reps Leo, insisted: "No star at his level flies commercial planes more than he does."

John Travolta is a licensed pilot who owns five private planes, including a Boeing 707. He once reportedly was the only one aboard his 707 when he landed to refuel in Ireland. His rep didn't respond.

Sting and Trudie Styler, a couple with seven homes, have a carbon footprint estimated at 30 times that of the average UK resident. Their reps didn't get back to us, but Styler told the Mail that, since Sting "has a 750-person crew to bring around the world, it is a difficult challenge."

Chris (Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow) Martin of Coldplay loves to jet home while on tour, which means he uses about 250 times as much carbon as the average person. His rep didn't get back to us.

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