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United Kingdom: Activists fight Heathrow expansion

Environmentalists use stunts to spread their message opposing a new runway, which officials say is needed to help bolster the economy.

Source:  Copyright 2008, LA Times
Date:  March 16, 2008
Byline:  Thea Chard
Original URL: Status ONLINE

It was a chilly Monday morning at one of the most heavily guarded airports in the world, and Anna Jones was on top of a just-landed British Airways jet, wrapping an outlaw banner around its tail fin.

"It felt quite exhilarating and it felt important," said the longtime Greenpeace activist, who was one of four protesters to attach the "Climate Emergency -- No 3rd Runway" banner to the Airbus A320 at Heathrow Airport. "It felt like we needed to make this stand, and I was proud to be someone who was doing that."

As Europe's appetite for cheap weekend getaways and lower-fare flights across the Atlantic collides with mounting public unease over greenhouse gas emissions, Jones is one of a growing number of environmental activists who have begun to adopt the tactics of civil disobedience in the war on climate change.

Two days after Greenpeace members hit the runway in late February, protesters from ...

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