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United Kingdom: A revolution in the skies... a disaster for the planet

Source:  Copyright 2008, Independent
Date:  March 1, 2008
Byline:  Simon Calder
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Cheap flights. More flights. Multiplying routes. At the end of a week that has seen protests against airport expansion, predictions of further airport chaos, and record oil prices, British travellers are showing no sign of shaking off their addiction to CO2-heavy cheap flights.

A record number of new air links will open from the UK to Europe this summer. The Independent has identified 100 entirely new short-haul international routes to be launched from Britain when the summer schedules begin at the end of this month.

More than a dozen new domestic links have also emerged, some as short as 150 miles. And, as from 30 March, when an "open skies" policy takes effect, Heathrow will see transatlantic flights increase by a quarter – adding up to 524 extra flights a month.

It is dizzying stuff. We have never been better informed about the environmental dangers of flying but the brutal truth is unavoidable. Flying is ...

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