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Scheme to stop deforestation will pay for carbon not emitted

Source:  Copyright 2007, Telegraph (UK)
Date:  October 23, 2007
Byline:  Charles Clover
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Tropical countries that stop the logging or burning of their rainforests could be paid for the carbon they stop reaching the atmosphere, under proposals to be discussed at UN climate change talks in December.

With major commitments to make deep cuts in carbon emissions from the United States, China or India, a deal establishing a way for rich countries to pay for "avoided deforestation" now look like a diplomatic winner at the talks to be held in Bali.

Logging and burning of tropical forest is estimated to produce around 20 per cent of global carbon emissions - about the same as the emissions from the United States or China.

So avoiding deforestation - by paying carbon credits to countries who set up and enforce protected areas or give forest inhabitants secure land tenure - is seen as one of the potential "low hanging fruit" to be grasped by a post-Kyoto climate change treaty.

It has ...

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