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China Can Cut Emissions Without Hurting Growth

Source:  Copyright 2007, Reuters
Date:  August 7, 2007
Original URL: Status ONLINE

China can cut its carbon emissions without jeopardising economic growth if it uses new technologies that do not emit greenhouse gases, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said Tuesday.

Gore cited the mobile phone industry as an example of a business that does not need to burn fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

"There are ways to leap-frog the old, dirty technologies," said Gore, who was speaking at the Global Brand Forum in Singapore.

China, like other developing nations, is worried that plans to cut carbon emissions would cripple its economic development.

But Gore said the Chinese government needs to be more aggressive in fighting global warming because the country's chronic water shortage is tied to climate change.

"China has a great deal at risk," he said. "The water crisis is very closely related to the climate crisis." Millions of people in China, which is on ...

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