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Peru's alarming water truth

Source:  Copyright 2007, BBC
Date:  March 12, 2007
Byline:  James Painter
Original URL: Status ONLINE

"Global warming for us is not just about the environment," warns Julio Garcia of Peru's National Council on the Environment, Conam. "It's more about how on earth we can develop Peru in a sustainable way over the coming years." Peru's water problem lies in part in the peculiar geography of the country. Most of the Pacific coast would be desert if it were not for the water flowing down from the Andes. Seventy per cent of the population live along the coast, where less than 2% of the country's water resources are found. In contrast, the Atlantic side of the Andes has 98% of the water and about a quarter of the population. Click here for a map of Peru "Much of our water supply is on the wrong side of the wall," says Mr Garcia. Glacial melt Peru has the largest number of tropical glaciers in the world. These water towers are crucial for slowly releasing water, particularly in the dry season. And Peru desperately needs the water all year round. Apart ...

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