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District of Columbia: Trees Abloom Amid Winter Warm Spell

Temperatures Might Stay Higher Than Normal

Source:  Copyright 2007, Washington Post
Date:  January 1, 2007
Byline:  Jay Mathews
Original URL: Status ONLINE

When the cherry trees in front of her Northwest Washington apartment building began to turn pink with blossoms several days ago, delighting her and her children, Nina Chkhenkeli took pictures and sent them to family members in Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia.

"It's amazing," she said yesterday, standing next to one of the Macomb Street trees and joining the rest of the Washington area in celebrating the end of a warm year. "I told everyone back home, this is what it is like in Washington in December."

Well, at least in 2006.

Steve Zubrick, science and operations officer at the National Weather Service's weather forecasting office in Sterling, said December probably will be one of the 10 warmest on record for the Washington area. Additionally, 2006 might be the area's eighth-warmest year since 1871, when data were first collected.

December's warmth proved a fitting end to a year of abnormal weather in ...

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