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Walls of denial are beginning to crumble

Conservation initiatives are welcome - and late

Source:  Copyright 2006, Concord Monitor
Date:  July 22, 2006
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Sen. James Jeffords of Vermont will end four decades in politics by introducing legislation that would force the nation's power companies, manufacturers, automobile drivers and others to cut emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases by up to 80 percent over the next half-century, the Rutland Herald reports.

"Pie in the sky," you say?

More like, "About time."

Writing in the most recent National Geographic magazine, Vermont environmentalist and author Bill McKibben points to some of the obvious signs of peril from global warming: killer hurricanes, vanishing Arctic sea ice and the news that 2005 was the warmest year on record.

"Historians, I think, will look back on this as the time when denial finally began to crumble," McKibben wrote. "When we finally began to understand that the planet as we've known it was at stake - and not from a possible scenario, like ...

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