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Kyoto accord won't hurt economies: Clinton

Source:  Copyright 2005, CTV
Date:  December 9, 2005
Original URL: Status ONLINE

As the U.S. continues to resist committing to an agreement to combat climate change, its former president Bill Clinton is taking his pro-Kyoto message to the world stage -- raising the ire of American officials.

Clinton spoke Friday, the final day of the Nov. 28-Dec. 9 UN summit on climate change in Montreal. He was invited to the event by the Sierra Club of Canada.

And while many are welcoming him, U.S. delegates attending the conference team are not.

"They haven't protested formally, but they're annoyed," a source in the Canadian government told The Associated Press. "They're not infuriated, but they're not thrilled."

Although the U.S. isn't one of the 157 countries that have signed onto the Kyoto accord, environmentalists were hopeful that it would sign a separate agreement for all nations.

Canada is hoping nations, not just ones under Kyoto, would sign a deal to hold ...

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