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Officials Say Chinese Air Pollution Fight Faces Trouble with Driving Public

Source:  Copyright 2005, Associated Press
Date:  July 14, 2005
Original URL: Status ONLINE

BEIJING — China is trying to stave off rising pollution from cars by enacting a law requiring low-sulfur fuels, but faces opposition from the driving public, environmental officials said Thursday.

Residents of at least 400 Chinese cities will face health hazards from airborne sulfur by 2010 if pollution from cars isn't brought under control, Vice Minister Zhu Guangyao of the State Environmental Protection Administration said at a joint seminar with U.S. environmental officials.

Chinese car sales are booming and the country already is one of the world's largest makers and buyers of automobiles.

The new law is expected to force manufacturers to set tighter limits each year on sulfur emissions by new cars, Zhu said, without specifying the limits.

But SEPA officials said the growing popularity of private cars in China will make it harder to push for more fuel efficiency and cleaner vehicles.

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