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Solar Power Profitability: BP Solar

Source:  Copyright 2005, Environmental News Network
Date:  May 25, 2005
Byline:  Paul Geary
Original URL: Status ONLINE

For many years the benefits of solar power have been offset by the reality that solar power companies find it difficult to be profitable. Many theories have been put forth to explain this, ranging from blaming oil companies for self-perpetuation by shutting solar out of the market, the renewable nature of solar power, and bad marketing strategies on the part of solar power entities. However, BP Global, the huge energy company formerly known as British Petroleum, has announced that its solar power subsidiary, BP solar, was profitable in 2004. Though a major fossil fuel concern, BP has made a commitment to solar power.

BP has been involved in solar power since 1973. Its subsidiary, BP Solar, is now one of the world’s largest solar power companies with production facilities in the United States, Spain, India and Australia, employing a workforce of over 2,000 people around the world. In its operations, BP Solar concentrates on the production of ...

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