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Indonesia: Palm Oil Company Fined Millions for Burning Sumatran Forest

Source:  Copyright 2014, Environment News Service
Date:  January 12, 2014
Byline:  Annette Gartland
Original URL: Status ONLINE

An Indonesian court has found the palm oil company PT Kallista Alam guilty of illegally burning large swathes of the Tripa peat forest, which lies within Sumatra`s Leuser Ecosystem, the only place on Earth where tigers, elephants, rhinos, and orangutans can be found living together in the wild.

The court ordered the company to pay 114.3 billion rupiah (US$9.4 million) in compensation and 251.7 billion rupiah (US$20.8 million) to restore the affected areas of forest.

The case was brought against PT Kallista Alam by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment.

"This is a clear message to companies working in Aceh who think they can destroy protected forests and get away with it," said Muhammad Nur, chairman of the Aceh branch of the nonprofit group Walhi, or Friends of the Earth Indonesia.

The senior judge at the Meulaboh District Court, Rahmawati SH, said PT Kallista Alam had illegally used fire to clear forest land and was in breach of ...

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