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Europe 'stigmatising' Canada labelling tar sands oil highly polluting

Minister calls EU's fuel quality directive unscientific, discriminatory and opaque

Source:  Copyright 2013, Guardian
Date:  November 19, 2013
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Canada's oil from tar sands would be "stigmatised" by EU regulations labelling it as highly polluting, the country's natural resources minister said on Tuesday. Joe Oliver also said a new study ranking Canada last among industrialised countries for climate change action was "name calling" and that the country had an environmental record it was "proud of".

Oliver spoke at a Canada-Europe energy summit in London, UK, which aimed to promote the "significant commercial opportunities presented by Canada's emergence as an energy superpower". Canada is lobbying hard against the European Union's intention to designate oil from tar sands as 25% more polluting than conventional oil in new rules aimed at cutting carbon emissions from transport, because of the extra energy needed to extract it. It has previously threatened a trade war over the issue.

Oliver said the fuel quality directive (FDQ) was "unscientific, discriminatory and opaque" and "the definition of bad ...

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