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Canada: Greenpeace and Resolute spar over logging practices

Source:  Copyright 2012, Globe and Mail
Date:  December 6, 2012
Byline:  Brent Jang
Original URL: Status ONLINE

A tenuous truce in the woods between forestry companies and environmental groups has suffered a setback after Greenpeace Canada withdrew from a conservation pact, alleging logging violations by Resolute Forest Products Inc.

"This comes down to a definite breach of trust," Greenpeace forest co-ordinator Stephanie Goodwin said Thursday, accusing Montreal-based Resolute of building a 20-kilometre-long road in an off-limits area in Northern Quebec. She said the new logging road in the Lac St-Jean region, called Montagnes Blanches, is a flagrant snub of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement signed in May, 2010, by 21 forestry firms and nine environmental groups.

Greenpeace investigators found evidence of the freshly built road and bulldozed trees, taking photos to document the violations, Ms. Goodwin said. She alleges that Resolute has breached the spirit and intent of the pact that calls for halting logging in endangered forest, which includes woodland caribou ...

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