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Everything you need to know about California’s genetically modified food debate

Source:  Copyright 2012, Washington Post
Date:  November 3, 2012
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Of all the state-level initiatives on the ballot this Tuesday, few are generating as much vitriol -- or advertising -- as California`s Proposition 37. If it passes, the law would require some genetically modified foods sold in grocery stores to be labeled as such.

Here`s the text of the law (pdf). Those in favor, including watchdog groups and organic food companies, argue that Californians have a right to know what`s in their food. Those opposed, including various food and biotechnology firms, say the law could lead to higher prices at the grocery store and hurt small businesses. More than $44 million has been spent on the "no" campaign, with giant agribusinesses such as Monsanto and Dupont donating heavily.

So what`s all the fuss about? Here`s a basic guide to the fight over genetically modified foods and labeling:

How do you genetically modify food? Farmers have been selectively breeding crops for tens of thousands of years in order to produce ...

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