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Sweden: Tree clearance halted in Ojnare forest

Source:  Copyright 2012, Radio Sweden
Date:  September 3, 2012
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Environmental activists have been celebrating a victory on Gotland island as tree felling machinery remained idle on Saturday evening.

"It was a smart and brave decision,' field biologist Alva Snis Sigtryggsson told news agency TT. "It feels like a partial victory.'

Police arrest forest activists (1 September 2012)

Earlier in the day police had to use cutting equipment to remove Greenpeace protestors who had chained themselves to the machinery. The tree clearance was planned to make way for a controversial limestone quarry in Ojnare forest adjacent to an EU designated Natura 2000 protected area.

The forestry owners' association, Mellanskog, issued a statement indicating that the forest clearance will be stopped until after a High Court Ruling on the issue.

"We are well aware that Nordkalk has a legal right to start work here but we want to avoid long term splits and bitterness in this community where we have many members,' the ...

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