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Paul Watson plans to stay at sea to avoid arrest

The environmentalist says he plans to return to Sea Shepherd's ships, where he can evade police arrest in international waters

Source:  Copyright 2012, Guardian
Date:  August 31, 2012
Byline:  John Vidal
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Paul Watson, the fugitive head of international marine activism group Sea Shepherd who is wanted by the police on three continents, plans to avoid arrest by staying at sea as long as possible.

In an exclusive comment piece for the Guardian, the Canadian-born environmentalist who skipped bail in Germany in July, gives no clue to where he is except that he is in a "safe haven". He says he plans "to return to his ships".

Sea Shepherd has a fleet of four ships, all of which are thought to be heading for Australia and the Antarctic ocean ahead of the Japanese whale hunting season that Sea Shepherd attempts to disrupt every year.

Maritime law is complex but legal experts say that Watson is likely to be able to evade most police forces indefinitely if he remains in international waters.

"The question now is what should I do from the safe haven I currently occupy?" says Watson. "There is only one answer. I have no choice but to continue ...

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