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Geo-engineering ‘a risk’ in climate change battle

Source:  Copyright 2012, Sydney Morning Herald
Date:  April 10, 2012
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Attemps to slow down climate change by large-scale geo-engineering present "serious risks" and are unlikely to replace the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Australia`s chief scientist has warned.

In an overview of schemes proposed by scientists, researchers at the Office of the Chief Scientist say the main methods of planetary-scale engineering would confront big problems with technical feasibility, political co-operation and cost. But research should be pursued in the hope of developing last-ditch methods to slow climate change.

"Given the difficulty in implementing global action to reduce CO2 emissions from human activities and their continued growth, geo-engineering is one possible approach to combat global warming," it said.

"Geo-engineering would not moderate all the effects of rising emissions, and will introduce its own risks and uncertainties."

Humans already play a role in dictating the Earth`s climate by adding ...

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