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Spread of ‘human safaris’ threatens Peru’s uncontacted Indians

Source:  Copyright 2012, Survival International
Date:  February 27, 2012
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Peru’s uncontacted Mashco-Piro tribe is facing the very real threat of being exploited by ‘human safaris’, according to British newspaper The Observer.

Last month, Survival released detailed photos of the tribe, to draw attention to the importance of protecting them from unwanted contact.

The Mashco-Piro live in Peru’s Manú National Park, which is extremely popular with tourists, and sightings of the tribe have increased in the last year.

Illegal logging and nearby oil and gas projects are forcing them out of the forest and closer to the riverbanks, where they are more visible to passing boats.

Now, The Observer says the Mashco-Piro could fall victim to yet another threat – ‘human safaris’; a scandal first exposed by Survival in India’s Andaman Islands in 2010.

An investigation by The Observer suggests that some unscrupulous tour-guides working in Manú Park are trying to profit from sightings of the tribe.

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