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New Yorkers Protest Fracking Outside Environmental Hearing

Source:  Copyright 2012, Yahoo!
Date:  January 10, 2012
Byline:  Tara Dodrill
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Hundreds of fracking protestors and supporters gathered outside a New York Department of Environmental Conservation hearing to make their feelings known before the environmental regulations public input session ended this morning, according to the New York Daily News.

Both fracking factions stated they would deliver thousands of comments to the agency's office by the end of the day, according to the Daily News. Natural gas drilling supporters stated the regulations proposed will permit economic advancement while protecting the environment. Fracking opponents feel shale drilling will contaminate waterways, according to the New York Daily News.

New Yorkers shared their views on fracking and the proposed regulations via email, instant messaging and Twitter.

* "Ending the moratorium on fracking will compromise the integrity of the land and the health of the community. The gas companies are taking advantage of the poor and uneducated people in rural areas by dangling temporary jobs in front of their faces. Fracking kills, it might not be immediate like from a gunshot wound, but death will come just the same." -- Jill Anderson, Columbia student, New York.

* "Fracking is just now coming into the public arena for some reason. Oil and gas companies have been drilling for shale for decades. We do not want to end up with problems like other state which did not have strict rules and monitoring. If the state does its job and the investigators review and test drilling sites regularly, natural gas can really help our state and local economies." -- Tony Martinez, construction worker, Albany.

* "There is no such thing as safe fracking policies. You cannot use high pressure to inject chemicals into the ground and not expect water reserves to become contaminated. Those of you who are willing to be sheep and go along with anything the state wants you to swallow, go watch "Gasland" and then decide if drilling in your backyard is acceptable." -- Moira Pence, community organizer, Yonkers.

* "The more people become informed, the less they support fracking. Education is the key to garnering support from communities and putting pressure on our elected officials. We need to be diligent if we want to influence public policy and protect our water, our land and our health. We need to keep the fracking moratorium." -- Lenny Ball, computer animator, Long Island.

* "If we decide to go forward and become a part of the shale boom in the Midwest, then we have to do it right. We do not need to rush and should be fully aware of potential hazards and know how to look for signs that a problem is occurring. Inspections and full disclosure from gas companies about all ingredients used in the brine water should be a top priority." -- Jackie Howsen, small business owner, New Rochelle.

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