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Morales Clashes with Native Protesters over Road through Tropical Park

Source:  Copyright 2011, Inter Press Service
Date:  August 24, 2011
Byline:  Franz Chávez
Original URL: Status ONLINE

The lack of regulations for consulting indigenous communities in Bolivia on initiatives that affect their territories is at the heart of a dispute over a road to facilitate traffic from Brazil, which would run through an enormous tropical national park self-governed by indigenous communities.

The Bolivian government's enthusiasm over the construction of roads that would make it possible for Brazil to transport goods to the Pacific Ocean has come under fire from academics and from native protesters who are marching from the Amazon jungle to La Paz.

The government argues that exporters in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay need the roads, to be able to cross this landlocked country of 1.09 million square km in west-central South America, to reach Pacific Ocean ports in Chile and Peru and ship their goods to China.

One of the roads runs from northeast to southwest, linking Brazil's Atlantic coast with Chile's Pacific coast.

Bolivian ...

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