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Japan PM brings his nuclear-free vision to Hiroshima

Source:  Copyright 2011, Reuters
Date:  August 5, 2011
Byline:  Kim Kyung Hoon
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Prime Minister Naoto Kan vowed on Saturday to challenge the "myth of safety" of nuclear power while marking the 66th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, a city that has now started questioning its long embrace of nuclear energy's peaceful use.

Kan, speaking at a ceremony devoted to the victims of the bomb that killed more than 100,000, repeated that the meltdowns at the Fukushima plant after a March earthquake convinced him Japan should aim to end its dependence on nuclear power.

"I will deeply reflect on nuclear power's 'myth of safety', investigate thoroughly the causes of the accident and fundamental measures to secure safety, as well as reduce the dependence on nuclear power plants and aim for a 'society that does not depend on nuclear power plants," Kan said.

Hiroshima, just like Japan as a whole, had been careful not to let the wartime trauma influence the debate about the merits of nuclear energy and the nation's passionate ...

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