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New Report: Exposing the Myths of FSC

Source:  Copyright 2011, redOrbit
Date:  July 18, 2011
Original URL: Status ONLINE

The Forest Stewardship Council's public demonstration that it is the "gold-standard for responsible forest management" has been wrecked following the release of a bombshell report today by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), following the revelation of new research that finds FSC-labeled paper containing endangered tropical species in its allegedly environmentally-safe, certified products. These results show that FSC engages in the same practices it accuses Asian paper companies of committing.

The analysis - Stop the War on the Poor - FSC and NGOs: Environmental Mythology - highlights how "Big Green" threatens companies and consumers into sourcing FSC-certified paper products, shackles developing economies into the poverty trap and raises costs for consumers in the U.S., particularly America's disadvantaged, minority communities.

"This new research reveals FSC paper products are far more environmentally-harmful than FSC would like people to believe. ...

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