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Is Consulting Firm McKinsey Using REDD to Accelerate Deforestation?

Source:  Copyright 2011, Treehugger
Date:  April 24, 2011
Byline:  Rachel Cernansky
Original URL: Status ONLINE

We knew there were plenty of drawbacks to and imperfections in the REDD program, but a recent Greenpeace report points out one that was a little more unexpected, and unforgivable, than most.

Greenpeace explains that many countries eligible for funding through the REDD forest protection program have sought help from experts as they put together proposals for that funding, and that management consulting firm McKinsey & Company began selling itself as an expert in the area of forest protection.

But, Greenpeace continues:

With global network of offices, an accepted approach to carbon economics, and many of Fortune magazine's 'most admired' companies on their client list, rainforest nations could feel confident that bringing in McKinsey would provide the credibility needed to get their funding proposals past the donor countries.

It has taken our experts working in both rainforest and donor countries several months to go through these ...

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