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w/ @RAN seeks mythical "sustainable" oil palm

World Bank proposes engagement approach in Palm Oil

Source:  Copyright 2010, Vanguard
Date:  August 13, 2010
Original URL: Status ONLINE

International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank released a draft framework for engagement in the palm oil sector, detailing an approach that aligns with the World Bank Group mission to fight poverty without compromising economic, environmental or social sustainability, and inviting further public comment.

In media release, Monday, the IFC stated: “Sustainable palm oil production offers significant development benefits in many developing countries. Yet the sector has been associated with negative environmental and social impacts, including deforestation, biodiversity loss, greenhouse gas emissions, land use conflicts, and questions over land tenure and human rights.

“The World Bank Group, in partnership with other stakeholders, can play a strong role in bringing about positive change at the national and industry levels, with the goal of deepening development impacts, encouraging sustainable practices and limiting further deforestation. The draft ...

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