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EU faces court challenge over biofuels reports

Source:  Copyright 2010, Reuters
Date:  March 9, 2010
Byline:  Pete Harrison
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Four environmental groups have sued the European Union's executive for withholding documents they say will add to a growing dossier of evidence that biofuels harm the environment and push up food prices.

The lawsuit, lodged with the EU's General Court, the bloc's second highest court, alleges several violations of European laws on transparency and democracy.

But the European Commission countered that the action was premature as it had not formally refused access and had already released many of the 8,000 pages requested.

The suit was filed on Monday by ClientEarth, Transport & Environment, the European Environmental Bureau, and BirdLife International.

"That the Commission should choose to deny our rights on such a critical issue as the science underpinning our climate policies is astounding," said Tim Grabiel, staff attorney at ClientEarth.

At stake is the EU's commitment to its goal of getting a tenth of its road fuels ...

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