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Grizzly Bears Moving into Canada's Polar Bear Capital

Source:  Copyright 2010, National Geographic
Date:  February 26, 2010
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There may now be two kings of the Canadian tundra--grizzly bears sightings are on the rise in the polar bear capital of the world, a new study says.

The preliminary report notes an increase in grizzly bear sightings in Wapusk National Park, just south of Churchill, Manitoba.

Ten grizzlies have been seen in the park between 1996 and 2009 in an area where grizzlies have never been observed before, researchers say. Four of the large bears were sighted in the summer of 2009.

It's unclear whether a viable population of grizzlies has established in the park, as males are known to disperse great distances from their home territories in northern Canada.

Experts also aren't sure what's causing the influx of bears, but it's more likely due to reduced hunting pressure than global warming.

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"There's been a real upswing in numbers," said study leader Robert ...

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