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Land-based offsets stay central to US climate bill

Source:  Copyright 2009, Carbon Positive
Date:  November 11, 2009
Byline:  Marisa Meizlish
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Recent proposals to the emerging US cap-and-trade draft legislation suggest that the Senate intends to keep domestic forestry and agriculture offsets as a major component of the climate bill. Senator Debbie Stabenow led the release of a bill that would create a domestic offset program within the federal cap-and-trade legislation. The bill provides some clarity on eligible project types and the use of temporary credits as a mechanism to balance land-use flexibility with offset permanence. On international offsets, there is still great uncertainty for project-based REDD, although language in the Stabenow amendment suggests that some REDD activities could be eligible for early action credits.

Originally aiming for a Senate vote before the UN climate conference in Copenhagen in December, which would set the stage for passing the bill into law, the majority-party Democrats now concede that this timeline is impossible. They now aim to pass legislation in early 2010, and the ...

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