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Go to Copenhagen with Gandhi's teachings in mind, says Dr Pachauri

Source:  Copyright 2009, New Kerela
Date:  October 15, 2009
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Chairman of the Nobel prize winner Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change Dr R K Pachauri today called up on those going to Copenhagen for arriving at a deal on arresting global warming to take a leaf from the life and thoughts of Father of the Nation Mahatama Gandhi to succeed in their mission.

''Gandhiji was a great environmentalist, and if nations of the world followed his dictum 'Let us live a simple life so that other can simply live' they would not have difficulty in reaching an agreement on fighting climate change at the December conference in Copenhagen,'' said Dr Pachauri, who is also member of the Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change.

He expressed his views while talking to mediapersons about the prospects of a deal in Copenhagen.

Dr Pachauri said Gandhiji believed that this earth had got enough for everyone's need but not for greed, a premise if adopted by countries would solve the problem of global warming and the ...

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