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How some individuals and organisations are reducing their carbon emissions for 10:10

Thousands of individuals, companies and organisations have already pledged to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% next year. Here's how some of them plan to do it ...

Source:  Copyright 2009, Guardian
Date:  October 10, 2009
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Young Vic theatre

Staging dozens of productions a year, from Chekhov's Uncle Vanya to (currently) Annie Get Your Gun with Jane Horrocks, London's Young Vic is an energy-hungry operation. "Lighting is number one for us," says Damian Ball, the facilities manager. "When we're 'teching' for a show, the lights are on morning, noon and night. So we'll be looking at turning them down wherever possible." Air-conditioning is another big drain: 450 people in the main auditorium take a lot of cooling.

Ball has been talking to the (recently redeveloped) building's architects, Haworth Tompkins, about how the theatre's 70-80 staff can use it more efficiently. "We're basically bringing the architects back on site and asking how we can use the building better." It has already got many eco touches, notably the two sedum "green" roofs that help insulate it while providing a habitat for wild flowers and (temporarily, for Annie Get Your Gun) several chickens.

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