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Argentina: Scientists Reveal Effects of Glyphosate

Source:  Copyright 2009, Inter Press Service
Date:  April 15, 2009
Byline:  Marcela Valente
Original URL: Status ONLINE

Glyphosate, the herbicide used on soybeans in Argentina, causes malformations in amphibian embryos, say scientists here who revealed the findings of a study that has not yet been published.

"The observed deformations are consistent and systematic," Professor Andrés Carrasco, director of the Laboratory of Molecular Embryology at the University of Buenos Aires medical school and lead researcher on the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), told IPS.

Reduced head size, genetic alterations in the central nervous system, an increase in the death of cells that help form the skull, and deformed cartilage were effects that were repeatedly found in the laboratory experiments, said the biologist.

The news was reported Monday by the Argentine newspaper Página 12.

The scientist explained to IPS that the conclusions were from "a research study that came up with precise data," but that the final report was not yet ready for ...

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