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Philippines: Rice-duck farming can mitigate global warming - study

Source:  Copyright 2009, Philippine Star
Date:  April 12, 2009
Original URL: Status ONLINE

The Integrated Rice-Duck Technology in organic farming can help mitigate global warming, said one scientist of a leading university in Mindanao.

Dr. Rachel Polestico, executive director of the Appropriate Technology Center (ATC or AproTech) of Cagayan de Oro City's Xavier University (XU), said that ducks in the rice paddies effectively reduced the emission of the greenhouse gas methane.

Methane, which is produced when bacteria decomposes organic matter, is the second most important greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide.

According to studies on global warming, about one quarter of global methane emissions from human activities comes from livestock and the decomposition of animal manure.

But Polestico, a physicist and lecturer at XU's South East Asia Rural Leadership Institute (SEARSOLIN), pointed out that various scientific studies on the effect of the Integrated Rice-Duck Technology have proven that ducks effectively suppressed ...

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