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Obama Administration Restarts Oil Shale Leasing in Colorado, Utah

Source:  Copyright 2009, Environment News Service
Date:  February 25, 2009
Original URL: Status ONLINE

The Department of the Interior will offer a second round of research, development, and demonstration leases for oil shale in Colorado and Utah and withdraw the previous administration's proposal for expanded research, development and demonstration leases, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced today.

"We need to push forward aggressively with research, development and demonstration of oil shale technologies to see if we can find a safe and economically viable way to unlock these resources on a commercial scale," Salazar said.

"The research, development, and demonstration leases we will offer can help answer critical questions about oil shale, including about the viability of emerging technologies on a commercial scale, how much water and power would be required, and what impact commercial development would have on land, water, wildlife, and communities," he said.

There has been opposition to the burning of oil extracted from shale, not least ...

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