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Engineer has leak proof CO2 storage idea

Source:  Copyright 2008, United Press International
Date:  November 14, 2008
Original URL: Status ONLINE

A U.S. engineer says he's developed a leak-proof carbon sequestration storage method that eliminates the risk of CO2 escaping via buoyancy.

Engineering Professor Steven Bryant and colleagues at the University of Texas at Austin note the standard approach to carbon capture and storage involves injecting compressed CO2 into a deep underground formation.

But Bryant said that risks the gas, which is less dense than water, might escape from the storage formation through buoyancy.

Bryant suggests instead of injecting compressed CO2 directly into a deep underground formation, wells should be drilled in the salt-water filled formation and the salt water extracted.

He said the carbon dioxide could then be dissolved in the salt water and the CO2-laden water pumped back into the same formation. Since the CO2-laden water is denser than compressed carbon dioxide and slightly denser than the original brine, it will have no tendency to rise ...

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