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Congo logging review could lead to more forest destruction, warns Greenpeace

Greenpeace welcomes extension of moratorium on logging concession, but warns against a business-as-usual approach.

Source:  Copyright 2008, Greenpeace
Date:  October 8, 2008
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After a two-year delay, the initial results of a World Bank-financed legal review of logging contracts in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been made public.[1] During a press conference on Monday Environment Minister Jose Endundo announced that 46 of the 156 logging contracts submitted for review are to be converted into legal concessions. No less than 33 of these titles were allocated after a moratorium on new logging titles introduced in May 2002.

"The fact that titles that violated the Forest Code are now being legalised sets a very dangerous precedent, giving little incentive to companies to improve their track record in complying with legal and regulatory obligations," said Michelle Medeiros, Africa Forest Coordinator at Greenpeace International.

In a briefing paper published today, Greenpeace reveals fundamental flaws in the legal review process [1] and warns that it could result in more destructive logging. [2] It shows how a lack of ...

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