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Oil palm plantations in Sabah, Malaysia. The palm oil industry maintains its product is "greening the planet" but the reality is more complex. The commercial shows a typical office setting. A worker sits drearily at a desk, shredding ...   
How Woodlark Island's plight went from local to global In mid-January, Mongabay learned that the government of Papua New Guinea had changed its mind: it would no longer allow Vitroplant Ltd. to deforest 70% of Woodlark Island ...   
Vitro Plant, a developer that planned to log 70 percent of Papua New Guinea's Woodlark Island for oil palm plantations, has pulled out of the project reports The National, a Papuan newspaper. The apparent withdrawal could not be ...   
Papua New Guinea has been accused of going from "eco hero" at Bali to "eco zero" by allowing the felling of a large area of rainforest on a remote island for a palm oil plantation. The accusation came as ...   

  Records: 1 - 4    Page   of 1