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A Feb. 10 release from The National Academies explored the topic of climate intervention, also known as geoengineering. Geoengineering involves removing existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reducing the amount of sunlight entering the ...   
Here’s a word guaranteed to start an argument among scientists and environmental activists: geoengineering. The word covers a variety of hypothetical technological fixes for the problem of climate change. For example, tiny particles of ...   
So it`s come to this. Last year, a researcher presented a paper on climate change at the American Geophysical Union`s meeting entitled "Is Earth F**ked?" which advocated "environmental direct action, resistance taken from outside the ...   
Senior US government officials are to be briefed at the White House this week on the danger of an ice-free Arctic in the summer within two years. The meeting is bringing together Nasa's acting chief scientist, Gale Allen, the director of ...   
With global greenhouse gas emissions still on the rise, despite decades of talk about curbing them, maybe the time has come to think differently about the climate crisis. Yes, we need to burn less coal, oil and natural gas, but clearly fossil ...   
When, in late 1965, the problem of climate change first arrived on the desk of the president of the United States, Lyndon Johnson's advisers presented him with only one possible solution: geoengineering. They suggested that scattering small ...   
As the pace of global warming kicks into overdrive, the hollow optimism of climate activists, along with the desperate responses of some of the world's most prominent climate scientists, is preventing us from focusing on the survival ...   

  Records: 1 - 7    Page   of 1