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An energy expert asked me the other day if I still believed in biofuels as feasible alternative transport fuels for Kenya. We had met at a biofuels conference in Dar-es-Salaam about four years ago where I presented a paper. Around the same time I ...   
Kenya's Tana Delta is disappearing and its inhabitants evicted to make way for foreign biofuels.Gamba Manyatta village is empty now, weeds already roping around the few skeletal hut frames still standing. The people who were evicted took as ...   
The Kenyan courts are considering halting the first stage of a US$370 million biofuel project that aims to replace up to 20,000 hectares of coastal grassland with irrigated fields of sugarcane. A judicial review of the project, based ...   
In a clearing on Kenya's coastal grasslands, a group of nomadic herders shout down government officials who have flown in from Nairobi to explain the benefits of a proposed US$350 million sugar project. "If the delta is planted ...   
¬†Kenya will regret its failure to protect the environment, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai said on Sunday, as environmentalists battled to halt a government-backed biofuels project. "This country has failed to take ...   
Kenya should reverse a decision to grow biofuel crops which will threaten wild life on an important coastal wetland, two conservation groups warned on Monday. More than 80 square miles (207 sq. km) of the Tana River Delta will ...   
Outraged conservationists Monday protested Kenyan plans to grow biofuel crops on a coastal wetland, warning that they will ruin the environment home to 350 species, including endangered ones. Britain's Royal Society for the ...   
The lush, muddy wetlands of the Tana river delta, teeming with birds and home to hippos and crocodiles, lions and elephants, are more than 4,000 miles from Britain. But this patchwork of savannah and mangrove swamp on the east coast of ...   

  Records: 1 - 8    Page   of 1