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Could palm oil help save the Amazon? This article is a longer version of story that appeared at Yale e360: In Brazil, Palm Oil Plantations Could Help Preserve Amazon. For years now, environmentalists have become accustomed to ...   
Oil palm plantations in Sabah, Malaysia. The palm oil industry maintains its product is "greening the planet" but the reality is more complex. The commercial shows a typical office setting. A worker sits drearily at a desk, shredding ...   
Brazil hopes to eventually become a major producer of palm oil, thanks to the expansion of this new exotic monoculture crop in the eastern Amazon jungle, where eucalyptus plantations are also mushrooming on broad swaths of already deforested ...   
Royal Dutch Shell, Europe's second biggest energy company, is poised to become the biggest oil major in biofuels as it battles to reassure investors about profitability. The Anglo-Dutch company has signed a memorandum of understanding ...   
DW-WORLD.DE talked to Ricardo Dorneles, the secretary for biofuels in Brazil's ministry for mines and energy, about his country's biofuels industry and Brazil's relationship with the EU. After the European Union reduced its target for ...   
Once hailed for providing an alternative to fossil fuels, makers of crop-based biofuels must now fight criticism for pushing up food prices and rainforest depletion by proving they are still a sustainable energy source. Industry ...   
President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva defended Brazil's production of biofuels on Wednesday, rejecting criticism that they are furthering a surge in global food prices and harming the environment. "Don't tell me, for the love ...   
The EU has admitted that it failed to foresee problems raised by its policy to encourage motorists in Europe to drive vehicles which run on fuels derived from plants as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions. The European ...   
Last year ended with the incongruous image of 10,000 politicians, businessmen, activists and scientists from 190 countries emitting vast quantities of greenhouse gases as they flew home from Bali clutching the bare bones of a global ...   

  Records: 1 - 9    Page   of 1