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A signatory to Tasmania's forest peace deal is warning the historic deal could be on shaky ground now that the former Gunns woodchip mill at Triabunna will never reopen. The Tasmanian Forest Agreement (TFA) was signed by forestry and ...   
HATING forestry and pulp giant Gunns Limited has long been a favourite pastime for many Tasmanians, as any observer of car bumper stickers knows. "Gunns -- dangerous in the wrong hands," reads one. "I no longer shop at Gunns," proclaims ...   
This is by no means a new battle: in fact, Tasmanian industrial foresters and environmentalists have been fighting over the issue of clearcutting the island’s forests for decades. The battle--some would probably prefer 'war'--is over nothing less ...   
It’s easy to get confused about forests and climate change. Deforestation and forest degradation contribute to around 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, second only to the burning of fossil fuels to produce energy. Climate scientists ...   
PLANS for Tasmania's controversial $2 billion pulp mill are dead, say the Greens, following reports the ANZ Bank will pull out of funding the project. ANZ said yesterday it had not made a decision on whether to finance the Tamar ...   
On an early summer's morning in northern Tasmania, the Tamar valley looks like an Australian slice of Tuscany. There are groves of walnut trees beside white-barked eucalyptus, a lavender farm, apricot orchards and small fields of ...   
For Chris Landon-Lane and his Tamar Valley neighbors on Australia's Tasmania island, one issue matters most in tomorrow's election: ``The environment is the main topic of conversation as you walk down the street or sit at the dinner ...   
Australia approved Gunns Ltd.'s A$2 billion ($1.8 billion) pulp mill in Tasmania, after federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull set aside opposition from environmentalists. Gunns stock had the biggest gain in nine years. ...   
Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull found himself in hostile territory today as he set about to debate his opposition counterpart Peter Garrett at the Great Climate Change Debate in Brisbane. It was clear from the ...   

  Records: 1 - 9    Page   of 1