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Action Alert: Stop CNN from Greenwashing Fossil Fuels

CNN has become increasingly indebted to fossil fuel advertising, and greenwashes abrupt climate change as a result. CNN's coverage of Frankenstorm Sandy continues to virtually ignore abrupt climate change, and the abundance of science indicating this is a climate change enhanced disaster. CNN coal funding in particular has resulted in infrequent and biased coverage of climate and other related ecological issues, and has abetted US Presidential candidates' silence on climate change. CNN must indicate how they will change their business model to allow improved, propaganda free, and increased coverage of the huge amount of daily news regarding our fossil fuel addiction; North America's tar sands, coal and fracking ecocide; and the many looming global ecological emergencies. CNN must get the story right on Sandy being abrupt climate change.

By Climate Ark, a project of EcoInternet - October 21, 2012

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Additional Background

In light of the devastation wrought by Frankenstorm Sandy, more so than ever we need independent media to report on climate science and policy. The alert has been updated accordingly.

CNN has become the coal news network – a wholly owned subsidiary of the fossil fuel industry – providing the best media bias the fossil fuel industry can buy, while making a mockery of serious and sufficient measures to solve abrupt climate change. There is clearly a connection between coal financing CNN, President candidates repeating over and over the myth of clean coal, and the political candidates being allowed to ignore climate change. CNN's lack of daily in-depth environmental news coverage, and failure to pressure Presidential candidates on abrupt climate change, shows clearly it can't be trusted on matters of ecological sustainability. CNN's business model depends almost exclusively upon fossil fuel industry advertising. CNN occasionally does environmental specials of merit, yet there are no full-time political ecology correspondents to cover the huge amount of daily news regarding abrupt climate change and ecosystem collapse. Rising environmental protest, and sufficient solutions that end fossil fuels, are chortled at and belittled.

There is something deeply Orwellian with the Coal News Network claiming to provide non-biased climate – and in particular coal, tar sands and fracking – news as it suckles upon the teat of ecocidal fossil fuels' ill-gotten gains. It is difficult to trust CNN's scant daily news coverage of climate change, sustainable development, and ecosystem collapse when bombarded on every commercial break with fossil fuel propaganda. CNN is virtually ignoring ecocidal tar sands production in North America - from carbon intensive clearcut mining of old growth forests, to transport through leaky pipelines, to its burn which assures abrupt and runaway climate collapse. We must demand that CNN disclose what steps are in place to ensure their coal and fossil fuel funding does not impact news coverage, editorial slant, and future political debate questioning. There are no easy solutions to abrupt climate change, and success is virtually impossible given existing media biases.

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CNN - the Coal News Network - is largely silent on fossil fuels and abrupt climate change, chortling at the threat of tar sands ecocide
CNN - the Coal News Network - is largely silent on fossil fuels and abrupt climate change, chortling at the threat of tar sands ecocide shown above  (link)

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