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Action Alert: Tell Wisconsin Governor, Republican Senators: Stop Rights Abuses, Negotiate on Budget or Be Recalled

Please stand online with Wisconsin Cheddar Rebellion and its brave protestors for worker and human rights. Demand that Governor Scott Walker and Senate Republicans immediately drop their roll-back of collective bargaining rights, begin negotiating their regressive budget, or warn them they will be recalled.

By, a project of EcoInternet - March 9, 2011

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Additional Background

Wisconsin workers are not going back. The right to collectively bargain is an American and human right, one of a set of basic rights including freedom, justice, equity and ecological sustainability which are worth defending. These are the fruits of hundreds of years of liberal and progressive change. Humans have a right to associate with whomever they wish, and a right to cooperate and organize in negotiations as they sell their labor. The protests have also helped expose the close ties between Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and David and Charles Koch, the billionaire brothers who helped bankroll the Tea Party movement and have an atrocious environmental record including on natural gas fracking.

The Republican failure to return unfettered public access to the capitol and unconstitutional requirements for permits to protest outside the capitol are an unprecedented power grab by Governor Walker. First Governor Walker tried to take away workers’ rights, now he is trying to take away Constitutional right to peacefully assemble. Scott Walker is a fascist demagogue who played upon the worst in people to get elected. He is part of the Republican party that allowed America to be successfully attacked on 911, and whose excess led to the financial and economic crises. Scott Walker’s government represents the full blossoming of the tea party into American fascism.

Global people's power rebellions sweeping the Mideast, North Africa and American states are our last best chance for shared abundance on a finite Earth. We are one human family with natural human rights to freedom, worker rights, ecological sustainability, equity, knowledge, truth and justice. Ecological Internets calls for continued protest, more civil disobedience and a general strike if necessary to achieve these ideals in Madison and the world.

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