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Action Alert: NAMING NAMES: UN REDD+ Forest Carbon Fund to Log Primary Forests with Corporate NGO Greenwash Support

Earth is facing the twin global ecological emergencies of abrupt climate change and land being scoured of natural ecosystems. Sadly, corporate American NGOs and the United Nations are responding to these crises by further promoting logging ancient forests. The United Nations REDD+ program to protect primary and old growth forests as a climate change and deforestation solution has been hi-jacked by logging interests and their big pro-logging NGO friends, and will instead subsidize primary forest logging for new plantations. REDD has become a gravy train for consultants, greenwashing NGOs and charlatans of many sorts - claiming logging ancient rainforests for the first time protects them! Old standing natural forest ecosystems are key to sustaining climate, ecosystems, biodiversity, local livelihoods humanity and the Earth System. Corporate NGOs supporting REDD+ must be compelled to stop their old forest logging greenwash - or face ridicule, protest, and an end to public support, until they do.

By, a project of EcoInternet - January 3, 2012

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Additional Background

The United Nations' "Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation" program (UNREDD or REDD) was originally intended to protect Earth's remaining and rapidly diminishing primary rainforests and other old forests, making "avoided deforestation" payments to local forest peoples as an international climate and deforestation solution. Large areas of primary and old-growth forests were to be fully protected from industrial development, local communities were to benefit from standing old forests, while seeking to optimally keep existing and new carbon sequestered.

After years of government, industry and corporate NGO pressure, REDD+ will now fund first time industrial primary rainforest logging and destruction under the veil of "sustainable forest management" and "carbon forestry". UN faceless bureaucrats - in collusion with criminal and ecocidal timber mafia - are supported in their effort by leading corporate environmental groups in America including the Environmental Defense Fund, Conservation International, and the Nature Conservancy. Whether these groups are successful in keeping logging in REDD+ will largely determine the fate of much of Earth's remaining large forest wildlands. Other concerns with REDD+ such as indigenous rights, whether will be funded by carbon markets, and whether deforestation will just "leak" to other areas exist - but at least have been given more coverage, and are not as fundamentally wrong as logging ancient rainforests to protect them.

Rainforest movement corruption is rampant as these big bureaucratic NGOs conspire to log Earth's last primary rainforests. These NGOs are known for having sold out to corporate interests, and it continues with their greenwash of old forest logging, which means that together they pose one of the biggest challenges to global forest and ecology sustainability ever. First time industrial logging of primary forests is now claimed to be beneficial to climate, and most remaining large forests are now threatened by REDD+ financed logging, never mind that most timber products are in the landfill decomposing within years.

Old forest industrial development destroys the primary forest ecosystems that power the biosphere making Earth habitable. Indications are that planetary boundaries have been exceeded, we have already lost too much intact terrestrial ecosystems, and what remains is adequate to sustain global ecology. Naturally evolved ancient forests are sacred and primeval life giving shrines, once logged for throw-away consumer crap, their primal nature and ecological composition and dynamics are lost forever.

REDD+ joins the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as yet another forest movement cop-out - the latter founded and supported by Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network and WWF - which promotes "sustainable forest management" as the best policy to protect old forests and sustain global ecology. About 100 million hectares of primary forests have already been logged for their own protection. If you support any of these organizations' REDD+ and/or FSC forest campaigns - you might as well be holding the chainsaw - mowing down 500 year old trees in 60 million year old ecosystems for toilet paper and other consumer crap.

Primary Forest logging is a crime against Earth, the human family and all life - and those greenwashing the ecocide are dangerous criminals - who must be stopped and brought to justice. Such greenwash of first time industrial primary forest logging must be called out wherever it is occurring, and resisted by those in the global ecology movement committed to sustaining local advancement and ecosystems from standing old forests.

It is time to end primary forest logging as a keystone response to the climate, biodiversity and ecosystem crises ravaging Earth. Please send the alert - and make a donation to help Ecological Internet protect and restore standing old forests for local and global benefit. Please donate what you can afford – including by check – to support our brave, quixotic, and highly successful campaign to end primary forest logging at

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REDD+ includes a carbon forestry vision of logging Earth's last primary forests to turn them into planted toxic monoculture and secondary managed tree plantations.
REDD+ includes a carbon forestry vision of logging Earth's last primary forests to turn them into planted toxic monoculture and secondary managed tree plantations.   (link)

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