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Action Alert: REDD+ Failing: Continued Corrupt Logging of Ancient Primary Rainforests with Forest Carbon Funding NO Climate Solution

Old natural forest ecosystems are key to sustaining climate, ecosystems, biodiversity, humanity and the Earth System – and their logging must be excluded from international forest carbon funding. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) - the international program to pay for protection of old rainforests as a climate change solution - has been corrupted to include first time industrial primary rainforest logging for "sustainable" timbers and agriculture plantations. Unless REDD drops the plus and focuses funding upon ending industrial primary forest destruction while addressing systematic corruption in tropical rainforest destruction, the REDD program is no longer worthy of support by ecological forest activists.

By, a project of EcoInternet - November 19, 2010

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Additional Background

Earth is facing the twin global ecological emergencies of abrupt climate change and its land surface being scoured of natural ecosystems. Sadly leading international organizations such as the World Bank and United Nations are responding to the climate crisis by further promoting logging ancient forests as a false solution. To advocate cutting down the primary forests that allow us and so many creatures to live, to be paid for by money to address climate change, is an outrageous crime against humanity that cannot go unchallenged. The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF), Forest Investment Program (FIP) and UN-REDD Programme are the three largest global initiatives that say they seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+). Yet they continue – for the fourth decade – to put forth already failed strategies to make first time logging of primary forests, and establishment of industrial tree plantations therein, as being environmentally acceptable.

The REDD concept has been usurped by industry and now is primarily concerned with profit-making and greenwashing "Sustainable Forest Management" under REDD+. First time industrial logging of primary forests is now claimed to be beneficial to climate, never mind that most timber products are in the landfill decomposing within years. The original idea of avoided deforestation focused upon necessary policies to ensure large areas of primary and old-growth forests were fully protected, advancing local communities, while seeking to optimally keep existing and new carbon sequestered. Well known NGOs’ obstinate support for Forest Stewardship Council's certification of first time primary forest logging as "well-managed", while implying sustainability, has set the stage for industrial logging to be falsely marketed as a climate change solution. Please demand below that the coming Cancun climate talks ban REDD funding for primary forest logging and addresses rampant forest governance corruption, or is rejected.

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REDD+ support for primary forest logging continues four decades of failed efforts to reform tropical rainforest logging away from ecological unsustainability and corruption
UN/World Bank plans to support logging ancient primaryf forests is NO climate change solution  (link)

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