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Action Alert: Tell Avon, New Jersey: Old-Growth Rainforest Boardwalks Cause Abrupt Climate Change

Tiny Avon, New Jersey, is moving forward with plans to rebuild their ocean-front boardwalk - recently destroyed by Hurricane Sandy - using ill-gotten old-growth rainforest timbers. Loss of primary rainforests is a primary cause of abrupt climate change, as well as mass extinction, social disintegration, and ecosystem decline. Unless we break the cycle of destroying ecosystems for luxury consumption, we can expect further climate weirding and biosphere collapse. Tell Avon to please follow New York Cities lead and use readily available alternatives, and ensure Hurricane Sandy rebuilding does not cause further ecological damage.

By Climate Ark, a project of EcoInternet - March 10, 2013

In partnership with Rainforest Relief

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Additional Background

Avon, New Jersey, was hit hard by abrupt climate change enhanced Hurricane Sandy, including the loss of their ocean front boardwalk. In 1993, the boardwalk had been totally reconstructed using primary rainforest timbers after another "once-in-a-hundred year" storm. Avon is now moving ahead with plans to rebuild again using 58,000+ square feet of exotic tropical timbers almost certainly stolen from primary rainforests. Rainforest Relief estimates that by rebuilding the boardwalk twice in only 20 years, 2,500 acres of primary tropical rainforest will have been logged and destroyed forever. Avon covers only 347 acres. Avon expects to have 75% of the boardwalk paid for by the U.S. government through FEMA disaster reimbursement. .

Given that logging of rainforests is responsible for at least 20% of climate change causing gases, Avon illustrates clearly the link between old-growth timbers and the devastation wrought by abrupt climate change. In 2008 Ecological Internet successfully internationalized Rainforest Relief's campaign to get Mayor Bloomburg to reduce New York City’s use of tropical hardwoods. New York City had been the single largest consumer of tropical hardwoods in North America. Yet, within a few years, they have found alternatives for most of the uses. The boardwalks in New York's Rockaways destroyed by Sandy will not be replaced with timbers from endangered ipê or cumaru trees. If massive New York City can make this shift to plastic composites and domestic hardwoods, tiny Avon can do so too.

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Standing old-growth rainforests are needed to power the climate, not in tourist boardwalks
Standing old-growth rainforests are needed to power the climate, not in tourist boardwalks  (link)

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