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Action Alert: CONGRATULATE Forest Stewardship Council for 1st Baby Steps Ending Greenwash of Old-Growth Forest Logging

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) claims to certify the sustainability of forest management. Yet for two decades FSC with the support of major NGOs like WWF and Greenpeace have greenwashed industrial scale old-growth forest logging - across an area two times the size of Texas for throw away consumer items such as toilet paper and lawn furniture - as being environmentally sensitive. A new motion has been presented by FSC member Greenpeace at FSC’s General Assembly, and passed, which would increase protections for primary and other old-growth forests. EcoInternet has campaigned quixotically for such limitations upon FSC primary forest logging for a decade. Please make it clear that best science indicates old-growth forest logging is never ecologically sustainable, and FSC must end its certification of such logging by implementing Motion 65, in order to set a precedent that marks the beginning of the end for all old-growth forest logging globally.

By, a project of EcoInternet - September 11, 2014

In partnership with An Affinity alert with Greenpeace

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Additional Background

VICTORY: Welcome Baby Steps by Greenpeace and FSC on Ending Old-Growth Forest Logging

EcoInternet is pleased to announce that FSC passed protections for intact forest landscapes. Albeit vague and non-specific, this offers the first tangible step from our decade long campaign to get FSC (and Greenpeace) out of the business of certifying and selling old-growth forest timber and fiber. The protest email has been edited to congratulate FSC and ask for further assurances they will end their greenwash of all old-growth forest logging.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a body that sets social and environmental certification criteria for forestry products, is holding their General Assembly this week in Spain. FSC's certification of industrial first time logging of old-growth forests for throw away consumption items like toilet paper and lawn furniture has been highly controversial among environmentalists. For a decade EcoInternet has spearheaded a campaign to end FSC old-growth forest greenwash. In the next day the FSC meeting will consider Motion 65 which would further define high conservation forests to exclude unlogged forests and intact forest landscapes from logging. This would require for the first time that FSC track whether a forest product comes from primary and old-growth forests or not, including getting GIS coordinates of logged trees. After years of campaigning against Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network – two key co-founders and supporters of FSC’s primary forest logging – and FSC itself; we are pleased to see Greenpeace embrace our demands to curtail FSC certification of old-growth forest logging.

FSC was created in 1993 to “promote responsible management of the world’s forests”, yet has failed miserably. Best estimates are that FSC certifies as “sustainable” the logging of over a hundred million hectares of primary and old-growth forests (250 million acres, an area two times the size of Texas) – hundreds of year old trees in millions of year old naturally evolved ecosystems – for lawn furniture, toilet paper and other throw-away consumer items. Primary forests logged industrially for the first time – FSC certified or otherwise – are destroyed. What remains is permanently ecologically diminished in terms of composition, structure, function and dynamics. Many environmentalists initially supported FSC, expecting it would reduce logging of primary and old growth forests, and result in more community based eco-forestry. Instead, FSC and members have built a massive market for primary forest timbers, and become a major driver of primary forest destruction and forest ecological diminishment.

New peer reviewed ecological science by EcoInternet’s Dr. Glen Barry entitled Terrestrial Ecosystem Loss and Biosphere Collapse finds that 66% of Earth’s land must be covered by natural ecosystems, including old-growth forests and other intact ecosystems, to avoid biosphere collapse. Some 50% of Earth’s land has already been cleared meaning the Earth, humanity, and all life are in ecological overshoot. It is clearly time for forest conservation groups that claim to protect old-growth forest to stop shilling for their logging. Please take action now to get FSC to stop greenwashing old-growth forest logging as being environmentally beneficial – this alert will be updated to either congratulate or protest FSC’s decision on Motion 65.

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FSC is primary forest logging - now claiming plantations from cleared primary rainforests and other old forests are sustainable
FSC old growth forest logging in Canadian boreal to produce FSC certified toilet paper! To solve climate change, biodiversity, ecosystem and biosphere crises - while meeting local needs from standing old forests - requires old forest protection and restoration.  (link)

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