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Action Alert: Hillary's Choice: Urge Secretary of State Clinton to Reject Deadly Tar Sands Oil Pipelines

Alberta Canada's tar sands development is the most ecologically destructive project in the world; destroying vast water rich natural boreal ecosystems, perpetuating global addiction to fossil fuels, and ensuring abrupt climate change. Tar sands and their pipelines must be stopped using all means necessary. Please start by protesting for disapproval of massive pipelines which will facilitate continued fossil fuel dependency.

By Climate Ark, a project of EcoInternet - July 29, 2009

In partnership with Dirty Oil Sands

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Additional Background

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton must be urged to deny permits for a series of pipelines designed to vastly increase the amount of dirty tar sands oil entering into the United States from Canada. Tar sands development is the most ecologically destructive project in the world, destroying vast natural ecosystems as huge areas are stripped of all life. Producing oil from tar sands emits three times the global warming pollution as conventional oil, requires excessive amounts of energy and fresh water, destroys huge swaths of ancient boreal forest, and is highly toxic.

When Alberta, Canada's tar sands are fully developed, along with its vast proposed pipeline network, North America and much of the world will be further addicted to filthy, life destroying energy for decades. There is virtually no chance of maintaining an operable atmosphere and achieving global ecological sustainability should tar sands production continue or expand. Further embrace of tar sands will ensure abrupt and runaway climate change exceeds safe levels, and will turn vast areas of Canada's boreal forests into virtual lifeless and toxic lunar landscapes.

The proposed Alberta-Minnesota-Wisconsin 'Clipper' pipeline mega-project would bring enormous amounts of dirty tar sands oil into the United States through a sprawling spider web of thousands of miles of pipeline, and new and retrofitted refineries. The pipeline is up for approval by the U.S. State Department in a matter of days, and only Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has the power to stop the dirtiest oil project on earth: Her choice will affect America and the world’s climate for decades to come -- either helping put the U.S. and global economies on a green-job, low-carbon track, or locking in decades of dirty, inefficient fossil fuels.

Along with ending the use of coal, and protecting primary and restoring old growth forests, dismantling tar sands is a keystone response to the climate crisis and achieving global ecological sustainability. Oil sands expansion must be stopped, and existing production ended, using all means necessary, starting by ensuring these pipelines are never built. Urge Secretary Clinton now to reject permission the 'Clipper' tar sands pipeline and protect all of our shared futures. And encourage your networks, organizations and colleagues to commit to escalating protest committed to ending tar sands forever.

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Filthy tar sands will further destroy the atmosphere and North America's ecological sustainability
Filthy tar sands will further destroy the atmosphere and North America's ecological sustainability  (link)

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