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UPDATED! Demand Banks Paying for the Dakota Access Pipeline Immediately Withdraw Funding

Support the Standing Rock Sioux where thousands are gathered to stop a Bakken crude oil pipeline from destroying the Missouri River ecosystem. Native peoples globally are coming together with supporters to demand protection of water, climate, and justice for all. Join in demanding an end to the Energy Transfer corporation's Dakota Access Pipeline. Following temporary suspension of part of the construction, the alert has been updated to reach out to Bank's funding the ill-conceived project, demanding permanent cancellation.

Mining Threatens Papua New Guinea’s Mighty Sepik River with Utter Ruin

Chinese government's massive open-pit mine in the rainy Papua New Guinea highlands, with its tons of toxic tailings full of sulphides and heavy metals, is to be poised above the Sepik River and its primary rainforests, intact local cultures, and the South Pacific Ocean. Apparently Papua New Guinea's urban elites have learned little from decades of foreign industrial mining (and logging) causing conflict and despair, environmental damage, and social and economic decline.

"From a biological perspective I can hardly think of a worse place for a copper mine," Professor Tim Flannery

"Dispela kain giaman divelopmen long ples mas pinis o bihaintaim bai had long ol papa graun karim kaiki long ples (This false development must end or it will be hard for local peoples to feed themselves in the future)" - Dr. Glen Barry, Mangi Madang

Demand Logging End in Poland's Bialowieza Forest, Europe's Last Large Old-Growth Forest

Industrial logging recommenced this week in Poland's Bialowieza Forest - the last intact European temperate lowland old-growth natural forest and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is time to end old-growth forest logging in Poland, and globally, to prevent regional ecosystem failure, limit abrupt climate change, and avoid biosphere collapse. As the original source of global industrial ecocide, Europe has a special responsibility to protect its last intact natural ecosystems, particularly as it proselytizes to not-yet over-developed nations to do so. EcoInternet and Dr. Glen Barry have worked for 25 years to end old-growth forest logging, yet despite repeated conservation victories, naturally evolved ecosystems continue to be logged for consumer junk. Please act to fully protect Europe's last large intact temperate lowland forests within an expanded Bialowieza National Park.

Demand Oil Exploration End in Uganda Near Gorilla Rich Virunga National Park

Virunga National Park– Africa’s oldest national park and an UNESCO World Heritage site – is once again threatened by oil production. Virunga in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and adjacent Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda are home to a large population of wild gorillas, many other important wildlife species, primary rainforest ecosystems, and forest-dependent communities. EcoInternet was amongst the first to campaign internationally to delay oil exploration in Virunga National Park. Our early protests grew and along with many other groups resulted in SOCO oil being driven from the DRC. Sadly, after this initial campaign victory, the Ugandan government has recently decided to award oil exploration licenses on their side of the border. Oil exploration in these globally vital rainforest ecosystems will further set a dangerous precedent that nowhere – whether protected, or ecologically important – is immune from oil industry destruction.

Stop Dangerous Fracking Gas Storage Expansion in New York’s Finger Lakes!

Join #WeAreSenecaLake in resisting plans to turn New York State’s Finger Lakes into a fracked gas transportation and storage hub for the entire Northeastern United States. In spite of overwhelming opposition, and grave geological and public health concerns, out of state Crestwood has federal approval to move forward with plans to store highly pressurized, explosive gas in abandoned salt caverns on the west side of Seneca Lake. The massive Porter Ranch natural gas leak near Los Angeles, California shows the results of using natural underground formations to store flammable materials, something for which they were not intended, and which poses grave risk. Join local Finger Lake protectors in demanding that New York Governor Cuomo reject environmental approvals for the ill-conceived, incautious industrialization of such a natural wonder.

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