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September 29, 2013

ALERT! Stop Tar Sands Ecocide, Block Canada's Energy East Pipeline

Abrupt climate change won't be appeased, but it can be taxedTAKE ACTION HERE NOW!

Canadian tar sands [search] production, transport, and consumption represent continued fossil fuel addiction that guarantees runaway climate change and global ecosystem collapse. From the deforestation of old-growth boreal forests, to the fouling of land and water as the carbon intensive oil is mined and extracted, to the constant dangers of far-flung spills as the viscous oil is transported, through its burning and release of tar sand filth into the atmosphere: tar sands is the epitome of ecocidal industrial activity that must end to limit abrupt climate change and achieve global ecological sustainability. Alberta’s tar sands are landlocked, and keeping them from ocean ports is vital to eliminating their production, and keeping the toxic tar in the ground where it belongs. Ecological Internet has already taken the lead in delaying the Northern Gateway pipelines to the West – join us now in stopping the Energy East pipeline to the Atlantic.

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